Who we are

IAMET Srl was established in September 2015 with the aim of catching opportunities for acquisitions of metal stamping companies.

Born from Castiglioni Giovanni experience

In October 2017 IAMET acquired the historic and qualified company Castiglioni Giovanni, which has been marketing and manufacturing small metal parts since 1960.

The business – recently moved to the factory of Cavaria con Premezzo – has progressively specialized in the marketing of standard small metal parts for wholesalers, artisans and retail sales.

Thanks to the experience acquired in these 60 years of activity, we are able to offer high-quality manufactured items made with the use of selected and highly performing materials.

The division sells wholesale and retail small metal items produced almost exclusively in the production sites of Cavaria con Premezzo and Padua.
Our strengths are the completeness and variability of the offer.


We guarantee a complete supply of all the accessories required in the quantities and in the defined packages.
Thanks to a constant assortment of products and ample availability in stock, we ensure complete and timely deliveries, optimizing time and costs.
Our belief is to give you everything you need.
Make a list!


IAMET’s turnover covers the whole world: every day goods leave its plant in Cavaria con Premezzo with destination worldwide.